International Swine Breeding Day - Programme

Giornata della Suinicoltura

Health, Welfare, Legal Requirements, Profitability.
Searching for a nearly perfect balance.

Wednesday November 21st 2018
FICO Eataly World, Bologna


h.9.00 Attendees registration

h.9.45 Introduction –  speaker Dr. Loris Alborali, Zoo-prophylactic Insitute of Emilia-Romagna and Lombardia Regions, Brescia), Chairman of the day.

h.10.00 A problematic scenery referring to Institutions (invited speaker Dr. Silvio Borrello, General Director of Animal Health and Welfare Department) 

h.10.20 – Worldwide veterinary health view. Epidemiology, imminent dangers and development perspectives (invited Prof. Romano Marabelli, Advisor to the General Director – OIE Paris)

h.10.40 – Swine fever defence and tail docking: integrated european strategies for sustainability of swine breeding and industry (Dr. Andrea Gavinelli – Head of Unit Official Controls and Eradication of diseases in animals – EU Commission DG Health and Food Safety, Bruxelles)

h.11.00 Pressing issues on a European level in relation to pig welfare: pig castration, tail docking and others (Dr. Nancy De Briyne – Deputy Executive Director of FVE)

h.11.20 How Emilia-Romagna Region supports swine breeding and industry and guidelines about antimicrobic resistance (Dr.ssa Roberta Chiarini, Head of livestock industry and market organizations and of production chain synergy – Regione Emilia-Romagna)

h.11.40 Sponsors’ speeches

Round Table

Debate with major figures of production chain (Dr. Elisa Bianco  – Ciwf; dr. Andrea Rossi – Assica; dr. Maurizio Gallo – ANAS; Agricultural Unions)


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