strong enough why

Why we need a strong enough WHY

Ideas can be bought as well as real products, and that is why we must have a purpose, the Why that connects us with others and makes them willing to join us, a strong enough why.
trade show passion

Trade show business: work or true passion?

We want to share a story about a someone whose professional and personal achievements testify how everchanging and dynamic working in trade show business can be.
7 consigli 2020 7 tips

7 Tips to help your business accomplish New Year’s Resolutions

What New Year’s resolutions can businesses make to ensure a better way of working and a sound balance sheet for 2020? Here are a few tips.
italian trade show market

International Exhibiting: Italian trade show market

Italy is the eighth largest economy in the world Small and medium-sized businesses generate a staggering 99% of GDP. About 200,000 Italian companies export their products.