5 best practice

5 keys to trade show success this fall

Many are now wondering how the market will look like in the next four or five months. Here are 5 tips to get the right number of high-quality prospects and generate a consistent and growing volume of business in the upcoming season.
eu green card

Green Pass is key to restoring EU's competitiveness

European Union is finally working towards the approval of the Green Pass: a sort of healthcare passport that will grant fully vaccinated citizens free movement within the Schengen area.
segni di riapertura

Good signs for the reopening of trade shows and events

Marco Barozzi, again as a guest in Exhibit Marketer's Cafè Virtual Lunch, comments on few but significant signs of reopening accross Europe.
fiere ripartenza

Trade Shows are coming back: a broader perspective

Marco joined a Virtual Lunch in the Exhibit Marketers Café with Marlys Arnold, an American trade show specialist and Founder of the Exhibit Marketers Academy, to discuss how to help the industry go back on track and share interesting perspectives and insights on how things are being handled both in Europe and the US.
resilienza fiere trade show resilience

Trade shows and events: Resilience is the new normal

Not a lucky season for trade shows, despite the industry’s innate resilience. But even in a troublesome situation, we are looking ahead to the future.
piscina wellness 2019

Piscina & Wellness goes to Mexico

Fira Barcelona Mexico recently announced that Piscina & Wellness Mexico, Latin American cousin of the event held in Gran Via, will take place eight months from now, in June 2020, at the CitiBannex Centre in Mexico City.