trend 2022

2022: Trends worth mentioning

A 2022 full of challenges and trends worth keeping an eye on, a continuous flow of news and transformations: the key for professionals is to embrace change, understanding why it is happening and what to do to be kept updated.
eu green card

Green Pass is key to restoring EU's competitiveness

European Union is finally working towards the approval of the Green Pass: a sort of healthcare passport that will grant fully vaccinated citizens free movement within the Schengen area.
segni di riapertura

Good signs for the reopening of trade shows and events

Marco Barozzi, again as a guest in Exhibit Marketer's Cafè Virtual Lunch, comments on few but significant signs of reopening accross Europe.

High Tech - High Touch. Trade shows and live events are wondering about their future

Covid-19 has forced everything and everyone to reinvent themselves. And the trade show and live events business is no exception. For some time now, the debate on virtual - or rather digital - and physical events has been heated, and which…
fiere virtuali errori

Digital Trade Shows: fundamentals

Setting up such a successful digital trade show or exhibit in one is no easy task. Let’s have a look at what elements play a fundamental role, and why we should keep an eye on them.
trade show passion

Trade show business: work or true passion?

We want to share a story about a someone whose professional and personal achievements testify how everchanging and dynamic working in trade show business can be.